Jupiter Wellness Continuous Spray Hand Sanitizer – 6oz


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Jupiter Wellness Continuous Spray Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria without drying your hands, thanks to our moisturizing formula with aloe and vitamin E. Active ingredient 65% ethyl alcohol serves as an antiseptic. This premium formula is ideal for decreasing bacteria on the skin that could cause disease, including viruses like COVID-19. Recommended for repeated use, this moisturizing formula ensures your skin stays well moisturized when you are unable to make it to a sink for proper hand washing. Manufactured in sunny Florida in an FDA registered facility, Jupiter Wellness Continuous Spray Hand Sanitizer is ideal for all of your on-the-go hand sanitization and surface needs.

About Jupiter Wellness 
Jupiter Wellness is an award-winning, best selling consumer packaged goods company based in sunny Florida offering a wide range of premium products to help people live their best lives. Every product is sold with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and all products are manufactured in America by our diverse leadership team. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients for you and your family.


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