Dr. D. CBD Soothing Body and Massage Lotion – THC Free




Dr. D. CBD *Travel Size* Soothing Body and Massage Lotion – THC Free – 400mg – Lavender Scent – Triple Therapy Formula – 2 oz – Terpene Fortified

What it is: We offer a relaxing and delicious smelling 2 oz CBD / cannabidiol topical with 400mg mg CBD per bottle. The scent is completely unisex and Dr. D. enjoys using this lotion just as much as the ladies. Each 2 oz bottle contains 100% American hemp extract containing CBD along with other moisturizers and an advanced PhD developed technology that carries CBD deep into your skin. Our cream is nothing like many brands that simply mix CBD in a randomly chosen carrier oil. Our delivery system is patented technology trusted my medical professionals.

Dr. D.’s studying of the hemp plant allows him to further identify terpenes and fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory, thus we further fortify this lotion with terpenes like betacaryophyllene and humulene and fatty acids like palmitoylethanolamide, all in addition to wonderful CBD – thereby creating our triple therapy formula of anti-inflammatory terpenes, fatty acids and cannabinoids.

Available in: 2oz (400mg)

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Weight 3.5 oz

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