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The 1937 Comfort Pack is ideal for anyone suffering from chronic pain conditions seeking relief. Saving by purchasing our best-selling Temple Tonic and Comfort Cream together provides the ultimate relief with the best value. 1937 proudly incorporates natural, proven essential oils with cutting edge CBD technology in all of our natural, gluten free and cruelty free formulations.

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Wellness CBD 1937

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9 reviews for Comfort Pack

  1. RA Gardener

    RA BE GONE! So grateful for this pack. I use the Comfort Cream every day to manage my rheumatoid arthritis and I keep the Temple Tonic in the fridge for my tension headaches. Together they are helping me to get back in the garden!

  2. Tennis Tech

    Arthritis got me off the tennis court, but my daughter bought me this pack and I am back to playing tennis in my retirement community. The Comfort Cream is the best CBD pain cream I’ve ever tried. The Temple Tonic is great for neck and head pain. Recommend both of them to help stay active.

  3. Golferoo

    Top notch CBD Pain Cream that I heard about on the golf course. Ordered it right away and it’s more gel than cream, but I quit using Tiger Balm and other products because it works. Temple Tonic is great for the headaches and neck tension I get after 18 holes.

  4. Temple

    Finally off all the pain pills that were killing my stomach. Feeling much better and using Comfort Cream every day to manage my chronic back pain. The Tonic is wonderful when you use it cold.

  5. Pain

    Son got me this after my hip was replaced. Helped me manage the pain and get mobility back. I recommend the Comfort Cream for anyone in serious pain.

  6. Chiro Doc

    In my chiro clinic we carry both of these because I tried them myself and they actually worked, which is more than I can say about most CBD pain products. The Comfort Cream is cooling and immediate, but the gel consistency really gets into the muscle the more you rub it in. The Temple Tonic isn’t just good for migraines or headaches- I have patients who use it for neck tension or any sore muscles.

  7. Mommy

    Bought both of these at my physical therapists office and they’ve replaced ibuprofen in my medicine cabinet. My husband works in construction and we use the Comfort Cream every night on his sore back. The Temple Tonic gets me through my cycle and I use it on my temples and my tummy.

  8. MS Is Thing

    Best CBD Pain Products for MS. My multiple sclerosis can flair up any time and having natural remedies like these keep my mind clear, while offering real time relief. So grateful for the great service at CBD Caring because they always answer the phone any time I call. Thank you Iris!

  9. Eric

    The product is really good and works. Was not sure if I want to buy it based on the price. But I am glad I brought it. It works for sports and arthritis related pain.
    They have a really good support group on Facebook. The response time is very quick and guides you on what product to buy based on your needs. They also provided me with a coupon that brought down the price.
    I will be buying from them in future and also recommend as authentic cbd cream seller.

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