CBD Recover Gift Pack



• Felix & Ambrosia Sole Food; 500mg CBD-Infused Foot Cream

Sole Food CBD-infused foot cream is a moisturizing cream for dry, cracked feet in need of tender loving care. Proprietary essential oils whipped with premium CBD extracted from American grown industrial hemp are formulated to provide immediate relief from long days on your feet. $29.99


• fitCBD Recover Roll On 250mg; CBD-Infused Roll On

Our Recover Roll-on is formulated to provide immediate muscle relief for your muscles after your workout. Menthol provides immediate cooling action, while the menthol crystals reduce inflammation to boosting recovery time, so you can get back to living your best life. Take your workout to the next level. Train hard and recover fast with our Recover Roll-on. $24.99


• Black Belt CBD 50mg Recover Rub

Black Belt CBD’s Recover Rub is a non-comedogenic product formulated with premium hypoallergenic CBD extracted from American grown industrial hemp. Our proprietary blend of all natural herbs, essential oils, and menthol help provide pain relief and reduce inflammation allowing you to recover quicker. $19.99


• 1937 Wellness Temple Tonic 500mg; CBD-Infused Migraine Relief Roll On

3oz rollerball ideal for migraines and tension headaches, this blend includes jojoba oil infused with guarana, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, cramp bark and 500mg of premium hypoallergenic CBD extracted from American grown industrial hemp. $34.99


• Comfort Cream Sample .17

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Weight 20 oz

fitCBD, Black Belt CBD, Felix & Ambrosia, Wellness CBD 1937

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