Bella Body Repair Package

$147.00 $102.90



Value $147 – PRICE $102.90 | SAVE $44.10 | 30% OFF

For body, we included our best-selling Bella body care items that are sure to help you live your best life. Starting with sleep, we included the Bella La Dormita Sleep Mist ($35 Value), with natural lavender to ensure a blissful rest when applied to your pillow or skin.

For moisturizing, our decadent Bella Corpo di Lusso Luxury Body Whip ($48 Value) with no added scent, but the most natural, delicious scent of light chocolate thanks to the vegan, all-natural ingredients.

Bella Bolle di Lusso Luxury Bubble Bath ($25 Value) is perfect for bath or as a natural, vegan shower gel to moisturize skin and wash the stress away.

Our newest addition to the Bella line, our Sanctify ($39 Value) roll-on is perfect for headaches, abdominal pain during your monthly cycle, or lower back pain.


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