What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural cannabinoid compound found in the hemp plant, but is doesn’t make you “high”. It does, however, have many medical benefits by interacting with the body’s own, natural endocannabinoid system (ECS). To learn more about those benefits, click here.


Will Your Products Get Me High?

No, our products won’t leave you feeling stoned. Each item is infused with CBD, and contains less than 0.3% THC. All of our products are tested in state certified labs in the state of Nevada, which has the most regulated cannabis ecosystem on planet Earth. The safety of your pets is something we take very seriously.


What is hemp-derived CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD products are made from agricultural hemp. Agricultural hemp and medical marijuana both come from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, but they are not the same. Agricultural hemp, which is often referred to as “hemp stalk,” grows differently than THC-containing cannabis, and looks similar to bamboo. Products made with hemp-derived CBD provide health benefits, and do not cause psychoactive effects.


Can I order these products even if cannabis isn’t legal in my state?

Yes, because CBD from hemp has no psychoactive effects, the purchase, sales, or possession of hemp CBD products are completely legal in all 50 States.


What is Nano-Emulsified CBD?

Nano-emulsified CBD are nano-sized emulsions, designed for improving the delivery of active benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). This means that the CBD benefits are more easily bioavailable to your pet, allowing them to benefit more quickly.


Do you test on animals?

None of our human products are tested on animals. All of our Whisker Wellness CBD pet product formulations start out in our founder’s kitchen, where her own pets must approve before they move to our lab for commercial production. If Nacho and Cerveza don’t love it, we don’t make it.


Do I need a medical marijuana card to purchase your products?

Because our products are completely THC-free, no MMJ card or doctor’s recommendation is needed! We do advise letting your veterinary provider know that you plan on incorporating CBD usage in your pet’s wellness routine.


Do you sell wholesale?

Yes! Please contact kris@altitudeproducts.com if you are interested in wholesale pricing.