Three CBD faves under $10 at

Three CBD faves under $10 at

This week, we’re bringing you four mega stars from the website under $10. That’s less than ONE Alexander Hamilton ten dollar bill. Without further ado, let us take a look at our products.

  • Felix and Ambrosia’s Sole Food coming in at $9.99. Regularly $29.99, this deal is more like a steal. Personally, I am a massive fan of this foot cream. There is a similar product sold at a large beauty store that costs WAY more. I’ve tried it, too… Let me say that Sole Food blows the “expensive” brand away. Trust me, folks. grab this up now.

It has a massive 500mg of premium CBD isolate in just 2.5oz of product. Shea butter heals dry, cracked skin while an essential oil blend nourishes skin with omega-3 fatty acids. Lavender rejuvenates your tired feet and eucalyptus helps with inflammation. Keep this in your arsenal for long days in work boots, uncomfortable flats or high heels.


  • Canisun lip balm will run you $5.00. It’s my favorite new lip balm. Seriously…

I figured, “Hey, cool. Another lip balm to lose at the bottom of my purse.” I glided it over my dry, cracked summer lips, and I was done for. It hasn’t left my sight since. My lips once looked like the ground in Death Valley. They are smooth and supple now. No expensive lip masks needed. Just the Canisun lip balm. You’ll love it, too. It isn’t goopy. It isn’t sticky. It literally glides on and stays on. Enjoy. You’ll thank me.


  • Jupiter Wellness Hand Sanitizer Spray  is only $7.95 for an entire bottle. I don’t know about you. But here, it is impossible to get hand sanitizer. If we are lucky to get it, it’s usually from a local distillery and smells like we’ve just downed a round of drinks. Not this sanitizer…

This sanitizer is by far the best sanitizer I’ve tried since COVID-19 began. It’s an easy-to-use spray that covers an entire hand without massive overspray. It smells GOOD. And, it FEELS GOOD on my hands. The family is even reaching for it now. I’ve resorted to hiding it in my purse until our next order arrives and letting them use the stinky stuff…

So, there you have it. CaringCBD’s three picks for less than $10 this week. Head over to the website now to grab yours now – and while there, don’t forget to check out the Discomfort-Free Pandemic Sale going on through July.