Jupiter, Florida is one of the world’s most abundant fishing holes. There are various types of species that consistently run through the waters around Jupiter. You can go out to find a catch and release Sailfish boat. Catching a sailfish can be very exhilarating. There are Mahi-Dolfin, don’t get confused with the Flipper-Dolphin. Notice the spelling. Mahi are seasonal and run in schools mostly so look for an object in the water, or a seaweed line and chances are from March through July, you will see the prettiest fish sniff around the bait. The all elusive wahoo run’s off the coast not far from the shore. Troll some rigged ballyhoo and you may get lucky. There are also Grouper deep down, yellowtail snapper, and if you see a large tortoise, drop a line below him you may just grab a cobia, which is one of the best fish to eat as long as it’s prepared correctly.  

There are many options when deep sea fishing in Jupiter, your boat captain should know where to find those options. So have fun, enjoy yourself, and don’t forget your sunscreen. 😊

-Rob White, CaniSun

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