While visiting Jupiter, Florida there’s a little known place called the Loggerhead Marine Life Center. This is a hospital for sea turtles. All along the coast from Jupiter Inlet past Juno beach pier which is about a 5 mile stretch. Sea turtles nest and hatch their eggs from March 1 through October 31st. The Loggerhead Marine Life Center cares for these turtles and they make sure the nests are unharmed as they lay on the beach. For someone who is unknowing, it is a criminal offense in Florida to disturb a sea turtle, her nest and her hatchlings which is punishable by up to 60 days in prison, a $100-$500 fine, or both. So, don’t mess with the nests.

The Loggerhead Marine Life Center is a great place to visit, take the kids to learn about sea turtle life. As well, to see the whole process in action. When out on the ocean, seeing one of these  majestic beauties swimming around is like nothing else I’ve ever seen in my life. The free flow of the sea turtle as it enchants its way through the gulf stream. 

The research team at the Center, monitored and protected 20,998 nests in the year 2019.

7,411 Green Turtles: Nesting May to September; Hatching – August to November

187 Leatherback Turtles: March to July; Hatching – May to August

13,400 Loggerhead: Nesting April to August; Hatching – July to October


These nests produced an estimated 1.35 million hatchling sea turtles, giving us more than a million reasons to keep our beaches darker, cleaner and sea-turtle-safe. 

So, while you’re visiting Jupiter go check out the Marine Center and as always, Don’t forget your sunscreen.

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