There are several amazing places to explore when a visit to Jupiter, Florida is on the agenda. A lot can be viewed as mainstream popular places which in and of themselves are awesome. There are a few spots, however that are needles in the haystack. I have called Jupiter home since 1998 and there are spots that are basically locals only. If you find them, you definitely want to return in the future.

The two spots I would absolutely recommend while visiting Jupiter are the Square Grouper & The Double Roads Tavern. If you love great food, perfect atmosphere, great music, and even better drinks, ‘like me’. These 2 spots are a must-see. The Double Roads is mostly music central in Jupiter. They always have some of the best live music around. It’s a super fun place. The crowd is a bit of an older crowd.

At the Square Grouper you have the iconic view of the Jupiter lighthouse right there as well as the Jupiter Inlet. The Grouper is right on the water and has seen some great celebrity sightings as well. The music there is mostly local musicians. The food is mostly bar food but the view and space is great for whatever you fancy. 

Others that make my list of great secret spots of Jupiter are The Dive Bar, which has the best Oysters Rockefeller I have ever tasted. Another phenomenal place The Food Shack you can take in some of the greatest salads with your choice of fresh catches of Wahoo, Mahi, Cobia Yellowtail & Grouper all locally caught. The Food Shack also has great live music and amazing service. Last, but not least of my personal favorite places around Jupiter is Dune Dog. Dune Dog is some of the best cheap dive bar type of food. Not a huge vegetarian menu, however, if you’re not a vegetarian this place should be at the top of your list.

Jupiter is an amazing place to live and work. At CaniSun, our little Suncare company, we thrive on the great atmosphere. As we like to say, “what’s better than selling sunscreen at one of the best beaches in the world.”

–Rob White, CaniSun

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