Do-it-yourself spa day: Sugar scrub, soak, and full body treatment

Do-it-yourself spa day: Sugar scrub, soak, and full body treatment

LAS VEGAS —  Being cooped up is never fun. It’s worse when you could just really use a spa treatment to get your body ready to glow poolside. Don’t panic. Bella CBD and CBDCaring are here for you. And, we’re bringing you everything you need to perform a spa-level body scrub and treatment at home for less than it costs at the salon!

We compared popular spa menus and looked at their body treatment offerings. The average sugar spa treatment averaged around $250 depending on location. We took these and compiled a perfect list of products that give you MORE than you would get at a spa for LESS than you would pay. Here’s what you’ll need for a do-it-yourself sugar scrub spa day kit.

A luxurious, vegan body scrub containing brown sugar, apricot kernel oil, chamomile and 250mg of premium CBD isolate extracted from American-grown industrial hemp, this scrub should be applied to the body and scrubbed very lightly to exfoliate dead skin. Leave on for 15 minutes. You may cocoon yourself in a warm sheet from the dryer, if you choose. Make sure to scrub heels well. The sugar may melt into your skin.

After applying the sugar scrub, splurge by giving your face its own treatment! Apply this clay-based mask with a whopping 500mg of CBD and let it work. Leave for 5-10 minutes. It’s perfect to rinse when you enter your soak.

Sale da Bagno is an amazing soak intended to relax and calm away your worries and stress. Add 2 scoops to a warm, but not overly hot bath. Wash away the sugar scrub. Enjoy the bath in the pink Himalayan salt containing 250mg of CBD isolate. This is one of Bella CBD’s most popular products. An alternative if it is on backorder is Jack’s Safety Soak.

After your bath, gently pat dry. Then, indulge yourself with this creamy, rich CBD-infused body whip treatment intended to immerse your skin in immense moisture. You’ll never go back to a regular moisturizer again after using Corpo di Lusso!

Finish your treatment by applying this ultra-rich heel stick to any rough spots left from your scrub. Put on a cozy pair of socks and rest the day away while Nuova Vita handles your feet.

That’s it. You know how to do the services at home- and you can save money by doing it yourself. All this for $202 compared to a spa’s cost of $250 plus tip… Head over to and grab everything you need for your at-home, do-it-yourself sugar scrub kit today!