Chronic pain is one of the reasons I started CBD Caring. I had been in a horrible car accident and, after 30 years of believing everything DARE taught me in school, I was absolutely sure that if I tried plant medicine, I would turn into Cheech or Chong. Thanks to some incredible activists who educated me about the power of plant medicine, I was able to avoid using opioids and treat my pain entirely from my kitchen. Using industrial hemp-extracted CBD grown right here in Nevada and functional essential oils that have been used for generations, I started crafting the original formulas that have become our best-selling, award-winning natural, vegan pain creams. 

So, today I am going to answer the #1 question we are asked on social media: what is the difference between Comfort Cream and Radiant Relief

Comfort Cream was named “Best for Pain” by Healthline and it is one of our oldest products. Comfort Cream is a cooling product formulated to provide immediate cooling relief. It works best in areas of pain where applying an ice pack would provide the best relief. With a base of natural menthol, arnica, camphor, peppermint, Hawaiian cramp bark, and other natural essential oils, it is 8 ounces of serious relief. In an almost gel-like cream, you will find that a little goes a long way and if you apply too much, it will feel very greasy. Ideally, you only need to apply enough to feel the tingle of the cooling sensation where applied. 

Radiant Relief was created as a warming pain cream and has quickly become one of our best sellers. Radiant Relief is a warming product formulated to provide immediate warming relief. It works best in areas of pain where applying a heating pad would provide the best relief. A powerful, natural and safe treatment for inflammation, bruising, muscle tension, soreness, and chronic stiffness. MSM restores cellular permeability and helps to neutralize cellular acids that create inflammation in the first place. Active ingredients are solvent driven deep into tissues for immediate relief and opening from within. Amino acids nourish traumatized cells and eliminate the source of pain and discord. Results are immediate. An excellent treatment alongside massage, acupressure, cranio-sacral, and post-surgery. 

Neither product should be applied to open wounds and are safe for daily use by pregnant women. With both products having zero THC, you can use them without worrying that you will test positive for a THC drug test or feel anything more than just relief. Both Comfort Cream and Radiant Relief offer 1000mg of CBD per 8 ounce container and most physical therapists and pain specialists recommend alternating cooling with warming, so together they are a great bargain in our Warming and Cooling Pack

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