CBD products for tired moms

CBD products for tired moms

Moms, let’s be real… We’re tired. We’re always on-the-go. With COVID-19, our jobs have only gotten more complicated with quarantine, social distancing, school being out, etc. We’re working endlessly trying to do the best we can to keep everyone we love safe. We often get so busy caring for others we forget to take care of ourselves. Well, the need for self-care doesn’t disappear just because life gets more complicated. In fact, it’s even more important to take care of ourselves when we are running on empty. So, for the next minute, stop what you are doing, read this blog and find a new way to introduce self-care into your life with CBD!


  • Sale da Bagno by Bella CBD– Set aside 20 minutes one day a week and enjoy a good soak. Light some candles. Turn on some music. Grab a glass of wine. Simply pour two scoops of Sale da Bagno into a warm bath, and let the worries wash down the drain. Made with Himalayan pink salt, epsom salt and 250 mg of premium CBD isolate extracted from American-grown industrial hemp, Sale da Bagno relaxes and calms the body and mind for the ultimate bath time.


  • Sole Food by Felix and Ambrosia – Give your tired feet a break. Before bed, rub this CBD-infused lotion on your feet in circular motions. Sore muscles and tendons will feel maximum relief from this anti-inflammatory foot cream. Lavender relaxes and rejuvenates. Shea butter heals dry, cracked skin. An essential oil blend relaxes and nourishes skin. A amazing 500 mg of CBD is concentrated in just 2.5 ounces of product!



  • Comfort Cream by 1937 Wellness CBD – Back aching? Tired muscles? Let Comfort Cream’s amazingly indulgent, gelée-like formula melt into your skin. You’ll feel a cooling sensation where applied. Just how good is Comfort Cream? Healthline named it the top isolate cream for discomfort in its 10 Best CBD Lotions, Creams and Topicals list. Ingredients like essential oils, msm, gotu kola, and wild geranium work to ease you holistically. Comfort Cream has a whopping 1,000 mg of premium CBD isolate. Apply as often as needed to ease yourself. Plus, it’s 50% off in July, no coupon needed!


That’s it. That’s all you need for luxurious self-care. In a crazy world, one thing is certain: If you don’t care for yourself, eventually you won’t be able to care for those you love. Head on over to CBDCaring.com and grab your products today.