CBD for sex is one of the hottest topics in this very hot industry. CBD Caring offers two unique brands and four unique formulas of CBD infused personal lubricants to help you incorporate CBD wellness products into your sexual life. 

For gentlemen, CBD Caring created Jack Knob Polish, a water based CBD infused personal lubricant that was formulated for individual, couple, or group intimacy. Loved by the staffers at Refinery29 for its’ ability to be used with condoms, toys, and with easy clean up, Jack Knob Polish is offered in 2.5oz size with 40mg of CBD or 6oz with 100mg of CBD. Featured by the world’s largest orgy in Las Vegas as their lube of choice, Jack Knob Polish is raved about by professionals and amateurs according to the AVN’s. The gentlemen over at One37PM even swear it helped them to last longer! 

For women, CBD Caring created three different formulas to meet the unique needs of women seeking optimal intimacy with CBD personal lubricant. All housed under the best-selling Bella brand inspired by the founder’s own daughter, Bella offers a silicone based personal lubricant that is slippery, long lasting, and ideal for longer intimate sessions called Bella Olio d’Amore. It requires less lube be applied and needs reapplication less often. This formula is ideal for shower sex or masturbation in the shower, as it will not wash away as easily. Take note that you should avoid spilling this on your floors, as it can create a hazard that stains and will leave flooring slick for months to come. Bella Olio d’Amore should not be used with silicone-based toys, as they can break the rubber down over time. Offered in a 2.5oz travel size with 40mg of CBD or a 6oz full size with 100mg of CBD, this silicone formula is priced higher than it’s water or hybrid counterparts, but this is industry standard since it will last so much longer. 

If you’re looking for a balance between a silicone and water based formula, CBD Caring offers Bella Amore Passionale. This hybrid formulation offers a balanced experience with the benefits of both formulas. 75% water based with 25% silicone, this hybrid is offered in a 2.5oz travel size with 40mg of CBD or a 6oz full size with 100mg of CBD. Not to be used with condoms or barrier birth control methods, this hybrid is loved by women seeking a CBD infused personal lubricant with staying power without the mess of a 100% silicone formulation. 

Bella’s best selling Aqua d’Amore water based CBD infused personal lubricant was formulated for woman in menopause or struggling with vaginal atrophy. A true water based formulation that is safe for use with condoms, barrier birth control methods, and all toys, this water based personal lubricant is never sticky and mimics your body’s natural lubricant to improve your intimate experience. Bella Aqua d’Amore means “water of love” in Italian and it has helped thousands of women to rediscover intimate pleasure by minimizing vaginal irritation. Offered in a 2.5oz travel size with 40mg of CBD or the full size 6oz with 100mg of CBD, Bella Aqua d’Amore has earned rave reviews. 

No matter the formula you choose to incorporate CBD into your sexual wellness regimen, you can rest easy knowing that all of CBD Caring’s formulas are vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, and free of harmful parabens and glycerin. Each formula is manufactured with a ph of 4.5-5.5 to ensure an optimal intimate experience and all of our CBD infused personal lubricants are manufactured in a FDA certified GMP facility. Formulated with the highest quality CBD isolate from organically grown industrial hemp, CBD Caring cares about what you use on your body.


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