CBD for people on-the-go

CBD for people on-the-go

Today’s world is a never-ending list of appointments, events, and obligations. We’re on-the-go often more than we are at home. It can be difficult to get CBD relief while running errands. But we’ve got you covered. Check out these products from CBDCaring.com perfect for carrying with you while you are out and about.


  • Temple Tonic CBD-Infused Roll-On –  Wellness 1937’s Temple Tonic is designed to be applied at the temples or base of the next at the first sign of a headache or migraine. It packs 500 mg of premium CBD isolate extracted from American-grown industrial hemp extract into a 3 oz rollerball. Temple Tonic uses natural ingredients like Guarana, cramp bark extract, lavender and essential oils to help relax and relieve tension and discomfort.


  • FitCBD Recover Roll-On –  Recover Roll-On overpowers even the most exhausted and sore muscles. Perfect for carrying in your gym bag or purse, this 3 oz rollerball contains 250 mg of premium CBD isolate. Essential oils help relax muscles. Natural ingredients, like cramp bark extract and eucalyptus, help with spasms and inflammation. Menthol provides a cooling sensation on the skin. Simply roll on the skin where relief is needed.


  • Sanctify CBD-Infused Roll-On- Don’t let cramps or period discomfort stop you from going about your day. Take Sanctify Roll-On by Bella CBD with you wherever you go. This roll-on means business with 500 mg of premium CBD isolate packed into just 1.7 oz of intense rollerball relief. Hawaiian cramp bark is used holistically to reduce cramping. Eucalyptus helps with inflammation. Peppermint and menthol provide a long-lasting cooling sensation for your lower back or abdomen. And, essential oils relax your body and mind. Use as often as needed for comfort.


  • Mani di Lusso Hand Cream – Another Bella CBD stand-out, Mani di Lusso is an amazing, purse-size, luxury hand cream. Infused with 100 mg of premium CBD isolate, Mani di Lusso keeps your hands hydrated and moisturized all day long without that gross sticky feeling that some creams leave behind. Bella’s signature natural rose scent envelopes your skin while natural ingredients like gotu kola and arnica help heal tired hands.



Head over to CBDCaring.com and grab your on-the-go CBD today.