CBD and functional essential oils are the foundation of all of CBD Caring’s skin care products. Leveraging functional essential oils that are proven to boost health and wellbeing, CBD Caring marries cutting edge CBD technology with age old proven essential oils to achieve optimal wellness for our consumers. Essential oils have been loved for generations for having a subtle, yet holistics effect on our bodies. Topical applications: massage oils, body products, and skin care products have helped to minimize stress, increase immune system, and manage pain. Here are five best-selling CBD Caring products whose formulations started with natural functional essential oils: 


Bella Crema da Notte: Italian for “Beautiful Night Cream” this natural, vegan face cream has subtle chamomile and lavender to ease you into a blissful night’s rest. Comprising powerful anti-inflammatory and calming properties, chamomile essential oil is a wonder ingredient that helps to soothe your complexion. If you are battling rosacea, irritation, acne, or any other skin irritations, chamomile oil is a great natural remedy to calm your skin. Blended with age old lavender essential to reduce stress and ease you into a natural sleep, lavender not only lulls you into a restful sleep, but helps you to stay asleep longer with a better quality of sleep. Blended into a rich, emollient night cream with 1000mg of CBD, this night cream nourishes skin to allow you to awake to your best morning. 


Felix & Ambrosia Sole Food: 500mg of CBD is just the beginning with this indulgent foot cream. With a shea butter base, Sole Food has coconut to moisturize and heal dry skin. Peppermint nourishes feet with omega-3 fatty acids to repair tissue, while lemon relaxes and encourages cellular turnover. Tea tree is a natural antibacterial and aids in anti fungal healing. Lavender rejuvenates and encourages relaxation along eucalyptus, which offers anti-inflammatory and healing properties for tired feet. Best applied after a warm shower or bath at night before bed, a thick coat helps tired feet to recover and help you start the following day with your best foot forward. 


fitCBD Recover Roll On: fitCBD Recover Roll On was formulated with the most effective functional essential oils to provide all fitness enthusiasts with an improved recovery experience. Delivering 250mg of CBD with an apricot kernel oil base, fitCBD Recover Roll on is 3oz of on-the-go relief with all natural menthol crystals to cool tired muscles. Natural peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils provide anti inflammatory and healing properties when paired with all natural cramp bark extract to ease overused muscles. Easy to use and mess free, this must have for fitness enthusiasts is even better when kept in the refrigerator for a cool treat. 

1937 Wellness Temple Tonic: Migraines are no match for 1937 Wellness Temple Tonic. With a hands free formula based on all natural jojoba purchased directly from the jojoba farmer, Temple Tonic delivers 500mg of CBD infused with guarana to counteract the tension from migraines. All natural peppermint and eucalyptus provide immediate natural cooling, while lavender and chamomile ease tension away. The secret to this effective migraine remedy is our all natural cramp bark, which provides immediate tension release. Created for one of our staff members who suffered from debilitating migraines, we love to keep this in our office refrigerator.

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