Every morning in America, a hospital worker wakes up, avoids contact with their loved ones, and heads off to their shift at the hospital to take care of the members of our community who are the sickest with COVID19. Some of these health care workers are staying in hotels to avoid risking infecting their loved ones, so it has been weeks since they have seen their homes, their beds, or had a good hug from someone they love. As the daughter of an ICU nurse, I grew up understanding that sacrifice, as my mother took care of the sickest members of our community on Christmas mornings and, all too often, missing special occasions. 

Together, the CBD Caring team and I wanted to do something to support the hospital teams in the hardest-hit areas of our country. Our best-selling, award-winning Comfort Cream, which Healthline calls “Best for Pain” has helped thousands of Americans ease their aches and pains over the last five years is being shipped out by the case to hospitals in those hardest-hit areas. As well, we know that we may miss some of you, so if you are a hospital team member who needs some relief for your aches and pains from giving your all to take care of your community, just text, call, or email us at 702-902-6316 hello@cbdcaring.com and we will take care of you for the duration of this pandemic. We can’t be there to give each of you a hug in person, but we thank you for your service and sacrifice for all of us.  

Thank you,

Krista Whitley

CEO & Founder

CBD Caring 


About Comfort Cream 

What it is: 1937 Comfort Cream is a vegan, non-comedogenic cream formulated to deliver immediate cooling relief for pain, thanks to our proprietary essential oil blend. 

How to use: Apply generously to aching joints or sore muscles. Repeat as many times as needed to provide comfort and relief. 

What it does: Comfort Cream is a zero THC product with 1000mg of American grown industrial hemp-derived CBD. Formulated with natural functional essential oils, this cooling pain cream delivers immediate cooling relief thanks to the proprietary blend of arnica, camphor, peppermint, Hawaiian cramp bark, and other natural essential oils. 

Who it’s for: Formulated for anyone suffering from chronic joint pain, arthritis, or serious pain from overworked muscles and joints. Ideal for anyone who experiences relief from an ice pack or cooling when applied to the area of pain.

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