CaniSun adventures at the zoo

CaniSun adventures at the zoo

The third day of our trip to Pensacola Beach began as a rainy one. We weren’t about to let that deter us from having a good time. So, we scoped out things to do in the area, and we all agreed to go to the Gulf Breeze Zoo.


Just a short trip down the road, the zoo was a great choice. Thankfully, we brought CaniSun products with us. Because, by the time we arrived and got checked in, the sun was out in full force. I applied CaniSun Face SPF 50 to my face and my son’s face. We used CaniSun SPF 30 spray as our main sunscreen. The 50-acre-park featured giraffes, lions, tigers, flamingoes and more.



A super unique feature of this zoo is the train safari tour that takes you around the park to see many animals you wouldn’t normally get to see in a park like gorillas, a rhinoceros, orangutans and even a hippopotamus. They also have a major focus on conservation efforts to save these precious species.


One product I was really glad to have on hand for this part of the trip was CaniSun’s lip balm. I found myself constantly needing hydration from the hot, salty air. (The zoo is actually on a peninsula bordered by the East Bay and the Santa Rosa Sound, both saltwater arms of the Gulf of Mexico.) CaniSun’s hemp-infused lip balm was just what I needed to alleviate the dryness. It’s moisturizing without being sticky or goopy.



After the zoo, the teenager and I ended up hitting a popular place called Flounder’s Chowder House. Sitting on the Santa Rosa Sound, Flounder’s has entertained and dined families for decades. It’s one of the few restaurants with dock and beach access and entry through its eatery. Diners can play volleyball, listen to live music, enjoy the sushi bar, play in the water, or simply dine in the eatery. We were seated in the sun. So, the teenager was begging for sunscreen during dinner. I grabbed the CaniSun SPF 55 lotion to keep a sunburn at bay.


Flounder’s sandbar area


Stay tuned for the rest of our CaniSun adventures.