Canisun adventures at the beach

Canisun adventures at the beach

Recently, my sister asked me to join her on (a socially-distanced) vacation to Pensacola Beach. Admittedly, it was a whim. It was a last-minute vacation. Joining us, were her two children and my 16-year-old son. Totally unplanned, we set off on a Friday for the Florida panhandle and the famous white-sand beaches. We arrived to the most amazing sunset.



The next morning, the kids woke bright and early to go to the beach. Of course, I grabbed all of the CaniSun products to take. While we’ve used them in our backyard, we’ve never given it the full beach-sand-sun test.

Immediately, I could tell a huge difference. My sister was spraying her kids with regular sunscreen – and you could smell it a mile away. I grabbed the CaniSun spray SPF 30 for my son. (I feel that now is a great time to tell you that my teenager is as pale as Edward Cullen in Twilight. Other than leaving the house for mixed-martial arts training, the kid likes to stay in a hoodie at home 24/7. He is literally the palest guy we know. And, we were worried about him going to the beach and getting sunburned.) When I sprayed the CaniSun spray SPF 30, it was far more powerful spraying than my sister’s sunscreen. AND, THERE WAS NO SUNSCREEN SMELL. You read that right. No yucky sunscreen smell. I really was blown away.

The teen played in the water for well over 90 minutes before we re-applied the spray. We used CaniSun’s Face sunscreen to keep him from burning on his cheeks and nose. At the end of the first full day of our vacation, the teenager had played all day with no burn. He actually didn’t mind putting on sunscreen like before. CaniSun was definitely a winner today. Stay tuned for the rest of our adventures with CaniSun in Pensacola Beach, Florida!


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