Adventures with CaniSun – Part Four, Opal Beach

Adventures with CaniSun – Part Four, Opal Beach

Day four was one of my favorite days of the impromptu trip. While the yellow flag was still flying, the risk for riptides was lowered. So, this was our beach day. My son and I loaded up our cooler with waters and lots of ice. We made sure to pack the CaniSun SPF 30 Spray, the SPF 50 Face lotion and the SPF 55 lotion. It was sunny and gorgeous. So, the CaniSun was definitely going to be needed. And, I was super happy that it was reef-friendly.

We drove out on Via de Luna Drive past the city limits of Pensacola Beach until we reached Gulf Islands National Seashore at Opal Beach. The pristine beaches there were created when Hurricane Opal came through in 1995 and flattened the dunes. This spot is protected as a national seashore with Park Rangers stationed there.

Opal Beach offers showers, lifeguards, picnic areas, etc. And, the water is out of this world. It’s a true gem. Not many people venture out that far between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach. So, if you head that way, make sure to add Opal Beach to your list of must-sees.

The pale, vampirish teen definitely needed the SPF 55 today. I was amazed at how long it lasted. And, I was surprised at how well it protected his fair skin from burning. He made sure to mention that he liked it not smelling like regular sunscreen.

I used the SPF 30 Spray, as it’s become my favorite body sunscreen product. We both used the SPF 50 Face lotion. Usually, facial sunscreens burn and sting my sensitive skin. But CaniSun’s facial sunscreen doesn’t do that. To say I am a big fan is an understatement. It’s not greasy, either… I also noticed it didn’t sting as much as other sunscreens do when you sweat and it gets in your eyes. CaniSun proved itself an essential staple in our household at Opal Beach.


Stay tuned for day five of our adventures with CaniSun in Downtown Pensacola!