Adventures with CaniSun – Part Five, Downtown Pensacola

Adventures with CaniSun – Part Five, Downtown Pensacola

On day five of our trip to Pensacola Beach, we set out on a mission to conquer downtown Pensacola and the T.T. Wentworth, Jr. Florida State Museum.

T.T. Wentworth, Jr. rose to local fame and prominence in Pensacola, after being elected to office and finding success in real estate. Along the way, he began collecting and curating objects he would find in the Pensacola and Escambia County area. He would eventually start his own museum. Today, that museum is located in the former Pensacola city hall built in 1907. With three levels, it currently houses an exhibit on the history of Pensacola, an exhibit on the famous Naval bar, Trader Jon’s, an exhibit on comic books and another exhibit on Pensacola mail and postcards.




An extra surprise was learning that our ticket to the museum also granted us admission to the Pensacola Museum of Art. Admittedly, I was shocked when I walked in and saw Chagall works among other well-known artists. Perhaps the most interesting part of the museum was their devotion to show the creativity of local artists. The teen and I both enjoyed this local display of talent. Below, you’ll see the talented Suzanne Robbert’s 2019 oil work titled, “Crossing the Streams.”


After a long day of walking, I was glad that I brought FitCBD’s Recover Roll On with me for the trip. I was definitely feeling my age… Thankfully, I had packed it in my little bag and was able to apply it as needed during the day to help with my aches and pains. The menthol and cooling sensation definitely took my mind off of the pain and gave me relief. I was able to walk a lot longer than I would have been with my fibromyalgia alone.

We headed back to the resort for a nice, calm evening enjoying the sea breeze and preparing for our final day in Pensacola Beach.