Adventures with CaniSun – Our last day

Adventures with CaniSun – Our last day

It’s been said that all good things must come to an end. Our adventures with CaniSun must also end. The last day of our vacation in Pensacola Beach was slightly sad. I think we could all just plant our flags in the sand and stay here permanently. Alas, we have to go back home in the morning. So, we made the best of this remaining day.


We went back out to the Gulf Islands National Seashore. It was slightly cloudy. But, we still used our CaniSun SPF 30 lotion and SPF 50 Face lotion. I mentioned in my last blog how much I love CaniSun Face. I have sensitive skin. And, sunscreen usually sets my face on fire. But, CaniSun Face doesn’t do that at all. I was able to wear it all week, even under makeup.



Purple flags were flying along with yellow ones. If you don’t know what a purple flag is, it simply means that there are going to be marine creatures like, oh, jellyfish in large enough numbers to present a hazard. Yep. We definitely saw an influx of jellyfish all in the water today. We definitely didn’t get in due to the riptide conditions and the large jellyfish presence. I had made the mistake of going to pick up what I thought was a super fancy shell a couple of days ago while swimming. When I got within about a foot of my hand grabbing the “shell,” I realized it wasn’t a shell at all. It was a jellyfish! Needless to say, we’d been kinda on edge about jellyfish in the water since then. The purple flag and a lifeguard simply confirmed what we’d already figured out… There was a large number of purple-striped jellyfish in the area. The beach was still a sight to behold.



Until next time Pensacola Beach…

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